Safety 安全性

Reassuring Long-Term Safety 長期にわたる安全性の持続

ENDEAVOR 臨床試験統合解析


1. Protocol requirement
The optimal duration of dual antiplatelet therapy, specifically clopidogrel, is unknown and DES thrombosis may still occur despite continued therapy. DAPT usage based on case report forms and reported at the time points shown. Trend line is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent continuous reporting.
(D,Kandzari. TCT2011)

ENDEAVOR Safety Pooled Analysis

術後5年までの累積ステント血栓症発生率(ARC Def/Prob)

Pooled data used for analysis: E I 5-yr, E II 5-yr, E II CA 5-yr, E III 5-yr, E IV 5-yr, E pK 5-yr.
Driver data came from ENDEAVOR II.
Values were calculated by logrank test. p-Values for outcome differences are unadjusted for multiple comparisons.
(D,Kandzari. TCT2011)


術後5年までの累積 心臓死+心筋梗塞 発生率

ENDEAVOR Pooled Safety Analysis(5 years)

D,Kandzari. TCT2011